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Our translation agency in Frankfurt is the ideal business partner for customers in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. The translation agency has adjusted optimally to the requirements of its customers in Frankfurt, and not just because of the geographical proximity. The most requested languages, in addition to English, are French, Italian and Spanish. In the financial metropolis of Frankfurt, the subject of finance is key, alongside areas such as economics, law, marketing or technology which are also commonly requested. The Frankfurt translation agency has consequently acquired extensive experience and skills in these subject areas. Corporate clients especially achieve value for money as they represent the vast majority of the client base for the translation market in Frankfurt. Corporate customers especially can profit from special services, such as express translations. As a rule, these can often be provided within a matter of hours. Despite the speed of delivery, translations are put through a subject-oriented, and journalistic editing process, in order to achieve near perfect translations.

Despite its historically routed specialisation in specific subject areas, the translation agency in Frankfurt is not only available for the customers within Frankfurt. Translation enquiries and tasks can be sent from all over the globe, and the finished specialist translations can be sent to the client with delay, anywhere in the world. Corporate clients based in the towns surrounding Frankfurt, such as Wiesbaden, Aschaffenburg, Darmstadt, Bad Homburg or Hanau, can also request services from the translation agency in Frankfurt. Here, in the mega metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, the vast majority of clients are businesses requiring professional translations that sometimes have to be ready within a matter of hours. Due to the broad spectrum of services that the Frankfurt translation agency has to offer, customer requests can mostly be handled without any issue.

Especially with enquiries from businesses whose headquarters are not based in Germany, there are often concerns that additional costs will be charged, or that a translation cannot be delivered in time, if the translation agency in Frankfurt is commissioned with the task. However, due to the many years of process optimisation and the skilful utilisation of cutting-edge technology at the Frankfurt translation agency, these concerns can be seen as unjustified. Due to the fact that the specialist translators of the Frankfurt translation agency are situated across the globe, it possesses a particular level of international competence. Therefore, the respective translations can be processed directly on site. Linguistic changes, just like cultural specifics, can therefore flow directly into the translation. These specific characteristics can only be grasped with great difficultly through research. Due to its international orientation, the Frankfurt translation agency is the ideal business partner for corporate clients around the globe that require the combination of linguistic and cultural competences.

Specialist translation

  • Sworn specialist translators
  • Certified translation
  • Chartered specialist translators
  • Authorised translators
  • Translation with apostille
  • Officially-appointed translators
  • Legal translators


  • Sworn specialist interpreters
  • Authorised interpreters
  • Conference interpreters
  • Consecutive interpreters
  • Meeting interpreters
  • Whispering interpreters
  • Accompanying interpreters
  • Simultaneous interpreters


  • Translation according to EN 15038
  • Translation according to European quality standards
  • Specialist technical subject knowledge
  • Specialist terminology
  • Translation according to ISO 9000
  • Process organisation