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Linguistics, from Europe to the world

  1. Afrikaans  Afrikaans
  2. Afghan  Afghan
  3. Albanian  Albanian
  4. American  American
  5. Amharic  Amharic
  6. Arabic  Arabic
  7. Armenian  Armenian
  8. Chinese  Chinese
  9. Georgian  Georgian
  10. Hebrew  Hebrew
  11. Hindi  Hindi
  12. Indonesian  Indonesian
  13. Japanese  Japanese
  14. Catalan  Catalan
  15. Korean  Korean
  16. Kurdish  Kurdish
  17. Maltese  Maltese
  18. Macedonian  Macedonian
  19. Persian  Persian
  20. Russian  Russian
  21. Serbian  Serbian
  22. Thai  Thai
  23. Czech  Czech
  24. Turkish  Turkish
  25. Ukrainian  Ukrainian
  26. Hungarian  Hungarian
  27. Urdu  Urdu
  28. Vietnamese  Vietnamese
  29. Byelorussian  Byelorussian
As a translation agency, we see ourselves as a point of contact for all matters relating to the topic of languages, and foreign languages respectively. In this regard, we are able to take over the most varied of tasks for you. All of our services on offer to you meet the highest level of quality.

Specialist translations by native speakers

We will take on translations at the highest level of quality, in all desired language combinations and specialist subject areas. In this respect, we place great value on the project suitability of our employees. In addition to a specialisation in a specific subject area, translation experience in that particular subject area must also have been attained.

Those translators who operate for our company possess an above-average language capability, not only in the source language, but also in the target language. At the same time, a corresponding specialist qualification is provided:

Cosmopolitan approach to work

As a customer of our business, you can benefit from our cosmopolitan approach to dealing with the task at hand. Upon request, the translations can be made by native speakers living directly in the country of your choice. This guarantees that the translator is "right up to date" on certain current affairs in the target country.

Reliable interpreting service

The provision of interpreting services is as instantaneous as that for the translation of subject-specific texts. While the specialist translator can, if need be, fall back on the internet and subject literature respectively, an interpreter only has, as a rule, seconds to select the correct terminology or formulation. With our company, you can place your trust in the fact that we will select the optimal interpreter for you:

The entire variety of further foreign languages services

We will find a solution for all matters relating to the topic of foreign languages. Please feel free to contact us if you have requirements for other aspects of language services alongside translation or interpreting projects.

Specialist translation

  • Subject-specific qualification
  • Project-specific subject knowledge
  • Intercultural competence
  • The culture of language
  • High linguistic niveau
  • Translations with a scientific approach

Interpreting services

  • Reliability
  • Seriousness
  • Long-standing professional experience
  • Optimal orientation
  • Punctuality
  • Qualified training

Foreign languages

  • Desktop publishing (DTP) work
  • Modern conferencing technology
  • Content Management Systems
  • Obtaining apostilles
  • Website localisation
  • Proofreading