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Company Philosophy

Translation and interpreting services are viewed, in business terms, as "services". Our employees view specialist translation and interpreting as more than simply the delivery of a service. The generation of specialist translations, regardless of the field, is seen far more as a form of cultural action and intellectual production, with the goal of facilitating communication between different languages and cultures. This requirement placed on our commercial enterprise has earned us a top spot over the 30 years since the founding of the company, in Germany, Europe, and even the global market for foreign language services.

- Competence in language for over 30 years
- Localisation
- Subject knowledge

A measure of quality

Within the meaning of an optimal translation, the first, important step is the selection of the respective specialist translator who possesses the highest level of understanding regarding the source and target texts. The next step involves the translation of your text into the desired language according to the native speaker principle, under specific consideration of the cultural, economic and political circumstances of the target language's country.

- Linguistic flair
- Scientific approach to the task at hand
- Qualification


What applies to the translation of specialist texts, also applies to interpreting services in equal measure, whereby interpreters operate with even greater immediacy, given that there is no opportunity to reference something in a book. Rather, specialist interpreters must have a translation variant available for every formulation. Our company's interpreters possess both extensive professional training and experience in the field.


In addition to the core activities of translation and interpreting, you can also rely on us for many other areas to do with the topic of foreign languages:

- Editing and proofreading
- Translation of video and audio files
- etc.


  • Academic education
  • Professional experience
  • Specialisation
  • Language competence
  • Certainty of style
  • Cultural knowledge
  • Training
  • Applied geography

Linguistic variety

  • All world languages
  • Native speakers
  • Local translations
  • Functional translation
  • Specialist terminology
  • All language combinations
  • Subject specialists for every language


  • Linguistic perfection
  • Professional interpreting
  • An all-round foreign language service
  • Professional consultation
  • Proofreading
  • Project management
  • Localisation