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We offer our customers a wide spectrum including science, research, finance, industry, administration and law.

Every specialist text, regardless of the discipline, requires specialist translators. They must have specialised in the respective topic of the text. We select those translators who are best-suited to, and who best fulfil the requirements of, the translation. Our customers originate from very different sectors, including renowned economic, industry and research companies. Even those texts to be translated, respectively the interpreting projects, are quite varied. We will find a tailored solution to fit every time.

At the centre of our consultation and our project management is the satisfaction of the customer. In addition to translators and interpreters, we can also provide you with proofreaders and language trainers. Every one of our translators has specialised in a particular subject area; with this approach, the specialist individuals are chosen very much according to the language skills and their respective subject areas.

Our customers include companies from many different industries. In addition to notaries and counsellors-at-law, there are courts and civil registry offices. Furthermore, we also generate translations for large corporations and companies from the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for the automobile- and supplier industries. But also advertising agencies, design offices and architects rely on our experience and our professional customer management. Moreover, we support banks, technical universities and universities, as well as clinics and doctors with the provision of translation services and interpreting projects. Many of our specialist translators are specialised in the translation of financial texts. They are available for tax advisers and auditors, for example, for the translation of financial statements.

Should you require translations from other specialist areas, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are happy to provide a consultation for your project over the phone, or in your local branch.

Should you require a list of references, we would be more than happy to provide one. Please contact our Project Managers, they will be more than happy to help.


  • Research facilities
  • Universities
  • Technical colleges
  • Scientific institutions
  • Academies
  • Research centres
  • Vocational colleges
  • Private universities


  • Banks/Insurance
  • Corporate consulting
  • Legal firms
  • Car rental
  • Logistics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Energy
  • Services


  • City councils
  • Authorities
  • Public offices
  • Organisations
  • Civil registry offices
  • Ministries
  • Federal agencies
  • City halls