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Book translation into English

The translation of a book differentiates itself significantly from most other types of translation. The translation of books cannot be compared with the translation of websites, advertising material, correspondence, manuals or certificates. Book translations, whether it be novels, thrillers or children's books, are special forms of the art of translation and have their own form: the literary translation.

Among the wider public, book translators are the most famous translators. The name is mentioned in every publication. Within the context of the most varied forms of translation, literary translation remains a niche activity. The translators who have specialised in literary translation are often freelancers who, ideally, are always the same individuals for authors and/or publishers. The work of these specialists is often discussed at length, and sometimes criticised, by literary critics and journalists.

The profession of the literary translator is a profession for idealists. For these individuals, however, it is a dream job. They must have, in addition to their love of the language, the conviction that the level of effort often required and the lack of corresponding payment is all worth it. In addition to the affinity for the language, they must have a close relationship to literature and the books, in order to work in this capacity in the long run.

A book translation into English does not simply mean a straightforward translation of the text into another language. The translator must deal intensively with the source text, and indeed "live" it during the translation. It is also often the case that former times have to be considered, along with their influence on the identity of a nation. The various characteristics of the protagonists have to be delivered exactly, and the peculiarities specifically chosen by the author cannot be falsified in any way during the translation. In addition to content details, the language style of the author has to be, where possible, delivered exactly. The translation must, in the course of the translation, submerse themselves into the world of the book and, as it were, live it.

The translator must also ensure, in the course of their activity, that certain double meanings of words and the unique style of the author are transferred to the target language. The culture of the language must be mirrored, and may not be lost to the reader. Every story is embedded in a time, a culture, the historical context - all of these things must be apparent to the reader from the translation. The reader must, despite the translation, have read the same book at the end, the same story with the same personalities.

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