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Will translation machines be used for my translation?

Machine translations have seen continuous improvements in recent years, and the use of computers for the task of translation is useful. The human translator is, however, just as before, irreplaceable.

The optimisation of translation machines is being pushed further and further. Experts from the worlds of computers and languages had predicted decades ago that, in the near future, language would be completely decoded, and that translation would simply become a matter of computing capacity. However, there is still no perfect solution that does not require the human translator.

Many translators make use of assistants and tools to accelerate and facilitate their work. For example, passages that are repeated within the text can be identified and copied. Machines cannot, however, undertake the whole process of translation. The work of a translator also incorporates the feel for the language, creativity and a consideration of cultural and religious backdrops. These aspects cannot be recognised by a machine.

Our translation agency also uses modern technology to facilitate our work. Our philosophy is, however, that a translation of high quality may still only be obtained by a human being.

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