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Are there differences in price between the different language combinations?

As a rule, it is more economical if both the source text and the translation itself are part of a group of well-established widely-used languages. If an exotic language is required, the translation will be more expensive as there are fewer qualified translators available. For example, translations for German - English or French - English cost less than translations for Icelandic - German or Icelandic - English.

It can also be said that, the more subject-specific a text is, the faster it has to be processed, and the more seldom the language combination, the more expensive the translation.

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Specialist translation

  • Sworn specialist translators
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  • Chartered specialist translators
  • Authorised translators
  • Translation with apostille
  • Officially-appointed translators
  • Legal translators


  • Sworn specialist interpreters
  • Authorised interpreters
  • Conference interpreters
  • Consecutive interpreters
  • Meeting interpreters
  • Whispering interpreters
  • Accompanying interpreters
  • Simultaneous interpreters


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  • Specialist terminology
  • Translation according to ISO 9000
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