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The demands placed on communication in a globalised world, and the business activities of diverse companies operating in an international environment are responsible for the increase in a global demand for translation and interpreting services. Only those who adopt a professional appearance are capable of achieving success in global markets.

English is the most spoken language globally, and consequently has a high value in the course of business. We are well aware of this as a language service provider, and we gladly support the generation of high quality translations within the language combinations of English - German and German - English.

Our goal, as a language service provider with over 30 years of experience, is to support you effectively in international economic processes through the assignment of our competent and experienced graduate specialist translators, in order that you can deliver an optimal level of service to your business partners with a German - English or English - German translation.

Our nationwide branch network and the assignment of our qualified employees and Project Managers enables us to provide a language service for English - German or German - English within the shortest possible time frame.

Please feel free to contact one of our nationwide branches by telephone, or use the online enquiry form provided.

Specialist translation

  • Sworn specialist translators
  • Certified specialist translation
  • Chartered specialist translators
  • Authorised translators
  • Übersetzung mit Apostille
  • Officially-appointed translators
  • Legal translators


  • Sworn specialist interpreters
  • Authorised interpreters
  • Conference interpreters
  • Consecutive interpreters
  • Meeting interpreters
  • Whispering interpreters
  • Accompanying interpreters
  • Simultaneous interpreters


  • Translation according to EN 15038
  • Translation according to European quality standards
  • Specialist technical subject knowledge
  • Specialist terminology
  • Translation according to ISO 9000
  • Process organisation