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Do I require a translation of my homepage?

The entrepreneur must, of course, decide as to whether a translation of the company homepage is necessary. The first and foremost issue at hand is the public for whom the website is intended. If it is simply for a homepage that is meant for the German-speaking regions, it is obviously not necessary to have this translated.

As a rule, however, it makes a lot of sense to translate a homepage as the presence of English on the internet is very strong. Due to the fact that English is, globally, the language that is understood by the most people, a much larger group of potential customers can be addressed. Depending on the size and business direction of the company, it can also make sense, in addition, to have the homepage translated into other languages, such as French or Spanish.

It is very important that the homepage is translated in a professional manner. The homepage represents, in many respects, the first point of contact for potential new customers, and for this reason, the company should be presented in the most advantageous light possible. Grammar or spelling mistakes on the homepage should not be present. For this reason, a translation of your homepage should be viewed as an investment in the future.

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