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Visiting Danish Crown Princess to the CHIO in Aachen

The Danish Crown Princess Mary is currently in Germany on a visit to Aachen. This year's horse show, the CHIO, is hosted here, and the Princess is representing the partner country of Denmark, together with her aunt, Princess Benedikte.

In addition to the numerous commitments around the horse show itself, the Crown Princess and her aunt also visited the city on a tour, where they were shown the sights and elegance of Aachen. In addition, visits to a shoe manufacturer from Denmark and an architect for prefabricated houses were also part of the programme. As a partner country of the CHIO, for example, the winter fashion from Denmark and the crush of journalists and photographers around Mary is huge on these expansive grounds.

By her presence in Aachen, Mary is creating advertising for both the CHIO and her new home of Denmark. With plenty of charm and a high degree of normality, she, and her contemporaries from Norway, Spain or the Netherlands, bring the people of their homeland and the royal family closer.

On the guided tour, the Crown Princess, her aunt and her entourage were accompanied by a tour guide. For city tours with foreign guests, it is important that the city tour guides have the appropriate language skills. Especially with rarer language combinations such as German - Japanese, city tours are often undertaken by interpreters living there, who have a good knowledge of the city.

Corresponding interpreters for German - Danish or Swedish - German can also be booked via a translation agency or office. These individuals are then, in addition, selected not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their relevant knowledge of the topic. There are specialists in architecture, history and archaeology available who can either conduct the tour of the city themselves, or interpret directly for a city tour guide or a museum guide. In doing so, any questions or discussions can also be interpreted.