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The Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 - This year, Brazil is the guest of honour


This year's Frankfurt Book Fair is taking place on 09-13 October. On this occasion, Brazil will make its introduction and provide detailed insights into the culture and literature of its country. After New Zealand's appearance as the guest of honour last year, a large number of visitors are also expected this year. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, which does differentiate itself slightly from the European Portuguese in terms of its orthography and grammar.

The numerous activities taking place during the Frankfurt Book Fair will make this a very special event. In addition to authors and publishers, interested private parties, media representatives and translators will also be getting together. The aim is to create new contacts, or simply to talk with, and among, like-minded individuals. This year will also see the most diverse international exhibitors on show, who will have a lot to offer visitors for everything to do with the "book".

Situated directly in Frankfurt, the significance of translators and interpreters becomes increasingly clear in the preparation and rounding-up of the Book Fair. The participants of the Frankfurt Book Fair will be arriving from nearly all countries across the globe, and with such a diversity of language, interpreters have to be both competent and well prepared in their respective languages. The specialist interpreters act as an intermediary between individual people and make facilitate the communication between the various foreign parties, for example, between publishers and authors, or media representatives and publishers. Only with the help of professional interpreters can an international event such as the Book Fair be executed successfully.

Especially with regard to book translations, it is not simply a case of transferring the text from language into another. Both the translators and the interpreters have to grasp the sense of the text, and enable the analogous transfer of the expression and style of the author. In the target language, the reader and listener must experience the same emotion and feelings as with the original language. The international Book Fair does not only attribute its success to the authors themselves, but also to the translators who, with their contribution, drive the distribution and success of literature.