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Bilateral cooperation between Germany and Portugal within education

Germany and Portugal are planning to invest in education as part of a bilateral cooperation. The successful German apprenticeship training system will be the focus of attention here, an area where Portugal is looking to learn from Germany as part of an apprenticeship training reform.

Where ever bilateral relations between countries play a role, and where different languages are spoken, sooner or later translators and interpreters become involved, taking on responsibility for providing text translations and interpreting services respectively.

In the specific case of cooperation between Germany and Portugal, specialist translators and interpreters are brought into play who have acquired experience within the discipline of dual apprenticeships. Here, it is important, among other things, to establish the correct designation of the different school systems that exist in the respective countries; a challenge that can be difficult given that a particular school type may not exist at all in another country. The grading systems can also be different.

The required translators and interpreters can be booked through translation agencies. In addition, this means a reliable consultation on the respective foreign language project. Translation houses and agencies provide the most varied range of services:

Simultaneous interpreting Portuguese German at constituent meetings
Negotiation interpreting English Portuguese during cooperative projects
Conference interpreting on the issue of youth unemployment Norwegian Portuguese
Consecutive interpreting Danish English for bilateral work groups
Swedish Portuguese simultaneous interpreting for chamber organisations

In addition to the reproduction of the spoken language, translation agencies also offer specialist translation services for the most varied of language combinations, whereby it is important to note that the translators have an extensive knowledge of education, education systems and professional training at their disposal. The translation agencies designate, in accordance with this, the text to be translated to the appropriately qualified native speaker:

Translation expertise within the discipline of education Russian Portuguese
Scientific Spanish German Translation of Developmental Psychology
Educational Science specialist text translation German - Japanese
Scientific specialist text translation knowledge transfer Dutch Portuguese
Korean German Translation regarding the issue of illiteracy

In conjunction with the increasingly intensive cooperation between Portugal and Germany in the area of education, it is expected that the demand for specialist translators and interpreters will increase.