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Specialisation in legal translations and sophisticated legal specialist texts

With the translation of highly sophisticated specialist texts from the area of law, for example in the language combinations of French - German, English - Spanish, German - English or Russian - German, our translation agency entrusts this task to specialised technical translators in the legal field.

In recent years, we were able to note an increasing demand for legal translations, even in language combinations such as Norwegian - German, German - Japanese, German - Swedish, Polish - German, etc., due to the growing global network of international corporations and law firms. In particular for legal texts, an adequate translation is only ensured if the translator entrusted with this work not only dominates the required legal terminology, but is also sufficiently familiar with the corresponding technical matter and comprehends the text not only linguistically, but fully with respect to its content.

This quality-oriented scale is the basis for the project coordination and allocation of your translation texts to the most suitable translator or the most suitable technical translator, whereby it is our first and foremost priority that the translator can provide the necessary professional qualification for legal translations.

Some of the language combinations offered by us for text translations in the area of Law have already been listed. In addition, the linguistic repertoire of our translation agency includes Russian Spanish, French Italian, Lithuanian German or Norwegian English.

In many different situations, we have been able to help our customers with our professional translation service.

In the real estate sector, purchase contracts with international clients are concluded on a regular basis, which - partly with authentication / verification / certification - must be translated in order for the purchaser to comprehend the exact content of the contract. At the same time we provide interpreters for the certification of such contracts.

The same applies for tenancy agreements. If an international company rents office premises, it orders the translation of the corresponding contract in the desired language with us. Our tasks in the area of legal translations also include the translation of broker agreements.

Our clients include leading law firms and lawyer's offices. Here, our legal translators take over the translation of judgements, patents, pleadings, defences, etc.

Also in connection with company formations or the establishment of offices abroad, we offer our professional foreign language services by translating, for example, commercial trade registrations, partnership agreements or General Terms and Conditions. Here, in addition to the creation of certified or verified translations, we take on responsibility for obtaining the relevant apostille or legalisation in the respective country. Moreover, interpreters who have specialised in this particular subject area can be called in to deal with the corresponding negotiations and discussions.

The transitions between the individual subject areas are often fluent. With regard to legal texts, there is often, for example, an overlap with certain financial aspects. For this purpose, there are specialist translators available in our business who possess both the necessary legal knowledge and, simultaneously, an extensive knowledge of finance. In this regard, our native speaker specialist translators are happy to take on the translation of balance sheets, annual financial statements, profit and loss accounts, business reports etc. Within the field of patents, the areas of law and finance often seamlessly overlap.

Many individuals foster the desire to relocate their place of residence to another country. To achieve this, extensive bureaucratic formalities are often necessary. To achieve this, the translation of passports, personal ID cards, certificates of registration etc. is necessary; a service which also falls into our spectrum.

Once the move has been completed, the search begins for a new, professional activity. We can also be assigned a role here by way of taking over the task of providing a professional translation of certificates (school certificates, work certificates, certificates of approval etc.)

Our legal translators can also be assigned to many other matters, for example within the context of translating private correspondence and documents. We are happy to provide translations for birth certificates, divorce certificates, wills, single status certificates, certificates of baptism, marriage certificates etc. Many of our customers commission us to translate adoption paperwork, assurances of citizenship etc.

Specialist translation

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  • Certified texts
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  • Texts with apostille
  • Officially-appointed translators
  • Legal translators


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  • Translation according to ISO 9000
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